IFS Food and HACCP certification

Viña Del Pedregal is certified by the International Food Quality and Safety standards, by the IFS Food protocols (International Food Standard) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and by the certification institution DQS.

Liquid Waste Management (LIW)

Liquid industrial waste, residue from our productive processes of Vinifications, Processing and Bottling, are managed in our LIW Treatment Plant located in the Florencia Farm at Villa Alegre, which holds the approval of Environmental Qualification of the project “Treatment System to dispose of LIW into the ground”. Through this treatment, current environmental regulations are complied with.


Reduction and Recycling

- We use light bottles (less use of glass). Cardboard boxes with tight dimensions (less use of corrugated cardboard).

- We recycle cardboard and 100% of the broken glass of our operations with companies certified in recycling.


Efficient use of energy

We employ different practices that are directly beneficial to both the environment and the community, under the IFS Food Protocols (International Food Standards) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), granted by a certification institution called DQS.

APL - Clean Production Agreement of the Wine Industry

Clean Production is an environmental and business management strategy, preventive and integrated, applicable to both products and processes. It`s main goal is the efficient use of raw materials, the reduction of emissions and discharges, the reduction of human health and environmental risks, increasing efficiency and company profitability.

Use of Eco Light Bottles

Viña Del Pedregal uses lighter bottles (Varietal Category), more friendly to the environment, to help reduce glass waste and avoid fuel consumption and its GHG emissions (greenhouse gases).