Chile es un país que por su longitud y geografía presenta una diversidad natural única en el mundo; el clima, el paisaje, los suelos, entre otros permiten la existencia de una gran diversidad de aves que sobrevuelan el territorio del norte a sur. Algunas de ellas son endémicas; solo se encuentra en chile. Otras viajan estacionalmente por el resto de Suramérica. Hemos queriendo poner valor en la cualidades de nuestras aves asignándoles una variedad de vino a cada una. Relacionándolas con diferentes elementos de los mismos.

Chile is a country whose length and geography give it a natural diversity that is unique in the world. Its climate, landscape and soils, among other features, allow for the existence of a great variety of birds that fly over the territory from North to South. Some of them are endemic, only being found in Chile, while others travel seasonally through the rest of South America. We have wanted to honor the qualities of our birds, assigning a variety of wine to each one and linking their different elements..

 Gran Reserva


Unique and different wines are found in each bottle. Through the pictorial representation of the birds, they tell a story about their own characteristics.


Deep red color with violet tints. Intense aroma of sour cherries and black plums sustained by toasted notes. Its velvety tannins taste sweet and ripe, while its black fruits are complemented by dark chocolate and black pepper. Unforgettable.




Valle del Loncomilla




Carmenère 100%


12 months in French oak barrels, 50% first use and 50% second use


18ºC /  64ºF


At least 1 hour before consumption is recommended.


Our birds are diverse, colorful, authentic, free and unique. These are charac- teristics that also represent the wines that carry the name of 24 Chilean birds. Among them are the Magellanic woodpecker, the Juan Fernandez hummingbird, the Chilean plantcutter, the many-colored rush tyrant and the Chiloe wigeon. We have designed this range of wines to satisfy different tastes and occasions.

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