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In 1978, Alberto del Pedregal Aldunate brought Carta Vieja to life, the first family brand. It has a long tradition that extends over 42 years. With time, it’s known how to reinvent itself, always maintaining itself as one of the leading wines of Viña del Pedregal.


Late Harvest

Stories come true as long as there’s someone to believe in them. Carta Vieja was one person’s mission, which grew and became stronger over time. The following generations took it upon themselves to carry it out.


It is Iusciously sweet and fruity with a crisp natural acidity that balances the sweetness and gives the palate length and freshness on the finish. Remembrance of lemon blossom, white peaches and Turkish delights.




Valle del Loncomilla




Sauvignon Blanc 50% - Viognier 25% - Gewürztraminer 15% - Riesling 10%


30 months in French oak barrels, 20% first use, 50% second use and 30% third use.


12ºC /  54ºF


Alberto del Pedregal Aldunate, part of the sixth generation of the family, materialized years of experience into our first world-class wine. He left behind artisan production to raise industry standards, positioning the winery as one of the most renowned in Chile. It’s said that his father, before dying, left him a letter with the details of how he envisioned this wine. That document, which unfortunately was destroyed in a fire at the manor house, gave name to our first wine: Carta Vieja.

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