Harvest Report 2021

The winemaking and viticulture team prepared a small summary of the 2021 harvest, describing the challenges, problems, and difficulties they had to overcome, which undoubtedly, produced good results at the end of the day. The 2020-2021 season was characterized by a milder spring and summer with less heat accumulation compared to last season. This resulted in better conditions for the vineyard and, thus better, quality grapes. We processed almost 14 million kg (20% more than last season), with our own vineyards contributing 8.7 million kg, related vineyards 3.6 million kg, and growers 1.7 million kg.

Despite the January rains, which gave us a good scare, thanks to the sanitary, oenological, and logistical management, we were able to enjoy a harvest with very good results, which was reflected in our very fresh white wines whose natural acidity and great aromatic intensity make the 2021 white wines very expressive, juicy, and balanced.

Our vineyard management allowed the red varieties to go unaffected by neither the January rains nor the moderate spring and summer temperatures. We were able to ripen the red varieties slowly but correctly, which resulted in wines of great typicity and fruity intensity with ripe and silky tannins, the perfect combination for any variety and line of red wine.

Rosario Domínguez Chief Winemaker and Marcelo Ugarte Agricultural Manager

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