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Freshness, elegance, color and complexity

Wines with balanced body

Ancla 1
Kidia 7_ Linea Varietal_ 2.jpg


Fresh and young varietals filled with fruit describe this line of wines, which comes from our vineyards in the Loncomilla Valley. Their softness and freshness make them perfect for different occasions

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The textures, the brightness and contrast of this category expressed in many varieties of reds and whites gives way to a complexity in these balanced wines, with a good structure and persistent in the palate.

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Gran Reserva

The elaboration of these wines has required a meticulous work, such as those who cultivate orchids. Each day reviewing their growth, potential, structure and color. The achievement of optimal results demands a permanent dedication. The finest varieties combined with the most sophisticated orchids, offer wines that have a balanced body, and are concentrated and elegant.

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