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Our collection of three assemblages

These wines are the winemaker's finest. 

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Assemblage I

Syrah - Malbec - Sangiovese

The wine celebrated the origins of the "Del Pedregal Family" and represents the thrust that they have had since its origins. The mixture of these varieties allows to achieve the objective of delivering a vigorous wine, expressive in the fruit and risky in its little classic mix

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Assemblage II

Carmenère - Merlot - Nebbiolo

The melozal sector in the Loncomilla Valley where these vineyards are located represents the rediscovery of an area of high quality potential in the Maule Valley.

This wine celebrated the origins of the "del Pedregal family" and the maximum expression of these three varieties in this terroir. With this wine you want to show typicality, character and originality when mixing these varieties.

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Assemblage III

Cabernet Sauvignon - Petit Verdot -

Cabernet Franc

This wine celebrates the origins of the "del Pedregal family" and represents the family vitivinicola tradition where generations of the family that share the passion for wine coexist. With this wine a fair of the classic with the modern is sought, that is to say concentration, persistence and balanced woods with very good fruit intensity.

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